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Wonders 3

2012-06-23 02:53:49 by Motley-Fool

Holy mamajama! Have I really not done anything since last Christmas? Well...that can happen. School, life and all that sort of gets in the way and you can forget things. BUT! After many months of waiting, the wonderful (hehe...get it? "wonderful" in a post about Wonders of the Universe? OH! I am so witty.) people over at ToonWerks have released episode 3 of Wonders of the Universe. A fantastic little bit of animation starring myself, the lovely Miss dellacial, the always awesome Darkwolf, Mister D-Mac Double, the amazing Ohmadon, and joining this marvelous cast we have the very talented Kirbopher as Rut2!
Check it out here!

From what I understand episode 4 should be coming soon, and it's shaping up to be another great addition to this series! So please, 5 us if you are feeling generous! Reviews are always appreciated! And just a big round of applause for the folks at ToonWerks for their phenomenal work!


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